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  Biblical generosity articles and resources

Dear Fellow Pastor:

Thank you for finding and coming to this website.  As a fellow pastor seeking to lead and serve a church congregation, I understand many of the things you are going through everyday.  I have also had the privilege of working with pastors and church leaders across America and overseas from more than 50 denominations about church generosity and financial matters. 

Through my research, travels and conversations, I am well aware that financial and generosity matters are difficult subjects to address in churches everywhere.  Part of the problem is that very few pastors have ever been equipped and empowered in their educational and training experiences to effectively communicate Biblical truth on these vital matters.  An insightful article you may want to read is: 10 Things Every Pastor and Church Leader Needs to Know About Funding Ministry Another valuable resource on this website is the 12-Month Stewardship Planning Worksheet and Best Practices & Resources to Advance Biblical Generosity and Financial Teaching [Microsoft Word download] [PDF file].

It is my hope that on this website links at the top of this page, you will find a depth and quality of ready-to-use and adaptable resources that will help take you, your church leadership, and your congregation to go to a whole new level in the areas of Biblical generosity and financial peace.  

If you find my resources helpful, please forward information about this website to other pastors and denominational leaders you know.  Also, feel free to sign up for my FREE quarterly email newsletter, that will give you a steady stream of valuable resources and research that you can use to help you in your ministry. 

Yours for greater generosity among Christians and churches everywhere,

Dr. Brian Kluth, Senior Pastor & Founder of

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