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VIDEO TABLE OF CONTENTS: (#1) Bible-focused @ 47 sec  (#2) Family friendly @ 1:34

(#3) Group friendly @ 2:28 (#4) Attractively designed @ 3:09 (#5) Easy to distribute @ 3:52 (#6) Add'l resources @ 4:20 (#7) Budget friendly @ 5:28 (#8) Smart investment @ 6:10

(#9) Proven resource @ 7:04 (#10) MONEY BACK GUARANTEE @ 8:01

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n Free 40 Day eBook Preview  n Pricing/Ordering  n Endorsements/Results n Online Version  n Foreign Languages

BESTSELLER: Over 400,000 copies in print!

This booklet is being ordered by churches (for every family), denominations (for every pastor), ministries (for every donor), and seminaries (for every student).

Foreign languages translations have already been started in over 40 languages.

Experience PROVEN RESULTS with this Bible devotional:

"One couple in our church had never given anything ($0).  After going through the book, their first giving check was for $2000!" South Louisville Christian Church

"We researched every available resource we could find to inspire people's generosity.  This booklet was the best thing we found anywhere!"  Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock (ordered 4500 customized copies for their $35,000,000 fund drive)

"After using your booklet our giving is up 34%.  The amazing thing is that this happened at the same time our attendance was decreasing because of deployments."  Chaplain at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs

"After one man went through the booklet, he felt led by the Lord to sell his fairly new truck and bring ALL the cash to our church offices.  He gave 100% of the money for needed Sunday School renovations.  He and his family have now found a new joy and contentment they've never known before."

Covenant Community Church in New Haven, CT

"This booklet helped our people "want to" give more.  Everyone has been talking positively about how this booklet has been helping them.  At the end of the 40 days we took a special "I-love-my-church-offering" and received an extra $150,000!"     First Baptist Church of Arnold (St. Louis)

"Our church used this book in our capital campaign and we raised 50% more (an extra $600K) than our fundraising consultant told us we could expect to raise!"  Hope Church

"Brian's materials are incredible.  We received our biggest offering ever.  And during the last 2 months our giving is up 36%."  Sandy Ridge Church

"We used the 40 Day booklet and our church offerings increased over 50%!"  Living Word Church in Mongolia (this is the largest church in Mongolia with over 1100 believers)

"We used this book in our church capital campaign and we received $1 million dollars in 2-year commitments from 100 working class families."  

First Evangelical Free Church of Colorado Springs

"This 40 Day book served us well.  Commitments are coming in well and we are within $8000 of our $100,000 building project goal."  St. Paul's Lutheran Church

"This book had a very positive impact on the stewardship habits of our congregation.  With the help of this book, we've also reduced an 8-year-old debt by 30% in just 8 months!"  First Evangelical Free Church of Wichita

What national leaders are saying...

"Brian's 40 Day Generosity book is a highly effective tool based on God's Word.  It will produce generous hearts and extraordinary giving."  HOWARD DAYTON, Co-founder with Larry Burkett of Crown Financial Ministries

"This book take the idea of generosity and make it workable and practical so churches can use it to advance biblical generosity in their congregations."  RON BLUE, Financial Author and President of Christian Financial Professionals Network

"This book is a an absolute treasure chest of information and will open the door to people's spiritual growth through a deeper understanding of biblical stewardship. DICK TOWNER, Executive Director of the The Good $ense Movement with the Willow Creek Association

"Brian's book is a masterpiece on the subject of Biblical generosity. Any church would benefit from using it with their congregation.  Brian knows more about stewardship than anyone I've ever met.                 DR. STAN TOLER, Popular Conference Speaker, Author & Pastor

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