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Bible Teaching on Finances, Generosity, Giving, Tithing

Biblical Resources and Insights for Preaching, Teaching, Group or Personal Study:

100 Scriptures on Generosity  Html file   Pdf File    MicrosoftWord   Use for sermon preparation OR for a weekly generosity verse in the bulletin or on the screen during offertory.  Sampler of accompanying PowerPoint generosity verses & photo worship slides to use during offering.    FULL VERSION (more than 100 verses and 60 photos) of PowerPoint Generosity Verses & Photos for Worship Slides during the offering
10 Reasons to Teach People to Give 10% OR MORE of their Income to the Lord's Work  Html file  Pdf File     Spanish version

"40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life"

THIS BESTSELLING BIBLE DEVOTIONAL has over 300,000 copies in print and has been used by HUNDREDS of churches to inspire generosity and increase giving for annual giving, building projects, or debt retirement.

This is one of the few resources available in America that was specifically written to teach and encourage greater Biblical generosity throughout an entire congregation!  Each congregation can decide the "best method" for using this booklet - - distributed churchwide to every family in the congregation and/or to use in small groups/classes. 

For more info - click here     For a downloadable sample - click here

SERMONS OR SEMINAR: 30 Biblical Principles for Financial Peace and Freedom  Html file  Pdf File   MSWord   Listen to this Message   Brian's sermon series and seminar materials gives God's ancient wisdom to help modern people find true financial stability in unstable times.  Sampler of accompanying PowerPoint presentation available for purchase.    Spanish version    India Hindi version 
SERMONS OR SEMINAR: 10 Keys to Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times  Pdf File   MSWord  Listen to this Message   Brian has given this as a church sermon series or as a seminar at The Navigators Glen Eyrie Castle, family conferences and large churches.  Material also includes Quips & Quotes on financial and generosity matters.  Downloadable documents are prepared for use in a booklet format.  Sampler of accompanying PowerPointPresentation available for purchase    


Sermon on the aMount  Pdf File  MSWord  God's Word clearly identifies different financial circumstances in people's lives where giving to God was a vital part of the breakthrough they needed in their lives.
12-Month Church Stewardship Planning Worksheet AND 50 Best Church Practices & Resources   Pdf File   This cutting edge resources was developed through Brian's national seminar ministry and his interaction with some of the largest and most influential churches in America (although churches of ALL SIZES will find valuable ideas and resources THEY can put to use in their congregation.
SERMON from Promise Keeper Event: Godís 3 Legged Financial Stool - The Bible's Plan for Financial Stability & Security  Html file   MSWord   Listen to this Message  This message was given by Brian at Promise Keepers Stadium Events in the New York-New Jersey area and Kansas City
SERMON: Secrets to Hilarious Giving for Special Needs    Html file  MSWord  Listen to this Message   Biblical insights for motivating people to extravagant giving for special projects or building programs
A View from the Pew: 4 Different Stewardship Views Contrasted  Html file   Pdf File  MSWord This is a great resource to help you understand the difference between "Prosperity Gospel Theology", "Poverty Theology", "American Dream Consumerism" and "Biblical Stewardship" theologies.

  ONLINE VIDEOS, audio, and handouts of generosity and financial sermons and seminars. 

  Click here to go to videos and more.

10 Things Every Pastor and Church Leader Needs to Know About Funding Ministry  Html file   Pdf File   Important truths for generosity in your church and financial peace in your congregation

20 FAST FACTS on financial and generosity issues impacting Americans, Christians and Churches  Listen to MP3 audio version   Html file  Pdf File   MSWord    These eye-opening statistics will enable pastors to see the importance of teaching God's Biblical principles on financial and generosity matters.   Listen to MP3 audio version

40 Life Changing Truths: Biblical Wisdom and Warnings on Wealth and Generosity Pdf File   600+ Scriptures on finances summarized into 40 teachable truths [For more information on the daily devotional version with each verse listed out, click here]
BOOKLET: A 40-Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life This 40-day devotional guide was develop by Brian for use in his own church and other churches to teach people to be more joyfully generous to God's work.  This booklet includes daily Bible readings on 40 generosity/finance topics, famous quotes, weekly financial projects to help people assess their income - lifestyle - assets - giving, weekly discussion questions, giving articles, and recommended resources.  This is available for purchase on a personal basis, as a church-wide emphasis, or to assist a church in a building drive or stewardship campaign.   More Information
SERMON: 12 Biblical Financial Principles outlined in the word: T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G.  Html file   Pdf File    MSWord  Listen to this Message   This was a November sermon series entitled: "Finding True Financial Stability in Unstable Times - Live a Life of T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G."  
God's High Calling for Christian Leaders - Raising Resources for Ministry  Pdf File   MSWord   Listen to this Message   Discover the Bible's heroes of the faith that led God's people to acts of generosity to expand God's work in their generosity.

5 WEEK SERMON SERIES: Biblical Principles for Breaking Free From the Bondage of Money & Materialism  Html file

Bible References for 27 Financial Topics  Pdf File   This is a great resources for understanding God's will and wisdom on a variety of practical financial topics.

FLYER: Count Your Blessings: A Pathway to Greater Joy & Generosity  Html file   PDF Printable Flyer

This article is also available as a flyer for distribution in churches.   (click here to get more info about using this flyer in your church or ministry)  The flyer tells the story of how anyone can increase their giving 2-3 times what they are now doing, based on Brian's example of how he and his wife learned to "count their blessings" in order to greatly increase their giving to the Lord.

FLYER: Understanding the Grace of Giving  Html file  This article (also available as a flyer that can be purchased or reprinted) gives people valuable insights into why they should be faithful Biblical givers to the Lord's work.

5 Ways People Will Benefit From Giving 10% or More of Their Income to God's Work  Html file

Money Matters: Biblical and Practical Insights Into Generosity and Finances  Html file   Pdf File   MSWord  This article is taken from a book chapter that Brian wrote for a Broadman-Holman discipleship book entitled, "Christianity: A Follower's Guide"   

FLYER: "Are Your Growing in the Grace of Giving? 100 Scriptures & Practical Ideas for a Generous Life"   MSWord  This flyer romotes 5 levels of spiritual formation that will lead people to a more generous life and lifestyle.
WHICH CROWN FINANCIAL MINISTRIES RESOURCE is right for your church or group? This excellent side-by-side comparison highlights Crown's 11 different teaching resources for church, small group or personal use (for adults, college-age, business people, teens and children) Pdf File  Crown's website is:
"NET OR GROSS?" and Other Practical Advice on Christian Giving  Html file
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