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What Christian leaders are saying about Brian's Biblical financial and generosity materials & ministry...


"I have known Brian as a friend and co-worker with Christ in the Lord's Vineyard for more than twenty years. I respect him and thank God for his life and testimony. Brian has been faithful in studying and developing resources to help the Church manage and develop its gifts, assets and resources. I commend him and his materials most warmly to you."    

The Revd. Canon George Kovoor, Personal Chaplain to the Queen of England, Anglican Church leader, and former President of Trinity Theological College in Bristol, UK


“Brian Kluth's teaching, knowledge, experience, and materials helped me to establish my course on Stewardship for Central and Eastern European Countries.  This training is used in our seminary and by church leaders across our region.  Brian's ministry and materials helps us see our place in the presence of the Lord and the opportunity to be wise and good stewards of the resources God has given us for His glory."    Dr. Nik Nedelchev - former President of the WEA European Evangelical Alliance and the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute


"Brian Kluth speaks out of deep compassion for church growth and holistic transformation among its membership. He has traveled and ministered in many parts of the world which gives him critical understanding of the fundamental role of excellent financial stewardship in church growth. He speaks out of a deep sense of spirituality and leadership to non-specialists desiring to serve Christ effectively.
It is a very significant contribution to the building of the kingdom of God."  
Rev. Canon Ephraim Gensi, Regional Director for Compassion International in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Somalia and Nigeria

"Brian's material is the kind of information that I need and Africa needs to be set free.  I could not believe the level of anointing the Lord has given this man of God on this important subject.  I am now translating Brian's materials into Kiswahili, a language widely spoken in the East Africa region."   Bishop Mickey Okeyo in Nairobi, Kenya


“The name of Brian Kluth is deeply associated with the principles of stewardship and generosity.  Since his days as the President of the Christian Stewardship Association, brother Kluth has been a leading teacher and one of the most recognized authorities in the area of Biblical generosity and finances.   The impact of his ministry not only touches the lives of those who live in the United States, but his written materials and speaking ministry has impacted people all over the world.  Crown Financial Ministries has the privilege of working with Brian Kluth to bless the Latin American church and we wholeheartedly recommend him and his materials for your ministry.”  Dr. Andrés G. Panasiuk, Compass Latino



"Dear Brian: I am teaching a small group of extremely poor refugees from Burma and various different Hill tribes people groups your Biblical financial teaching materials. We were able to download your free resources and I have been teaching them over the last nine weeks.  The people I am teaching only make about US$20 per month.  Your material is really the best I have seen and everyone is so excited to be studying it."   Gareth Lavell, serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand with www.rejoicecharity.com



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