Fundraiser Sales

Fundraiser Sales - Profits of 75%!
Are you part of a non-profit, Christian, church, or civic group that is looking for an effective fundraising product that:

Sells itself because of the quality, attractiveness, and value of the product!

Is easy to sell in neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, sale tables, and church.

Allows you to offer people a "50% savings" off of retail price of the product!

Allows you to keep 75% of all your sales! Note: The national average for many fundraising products only allows you to keep 30-55% of all your sales.

Gives people something they and their family can really use and benefit from?

THEN CONSIDER ordering the FAMILY ORGANIZER for just $249 for each box of 100. This means you are purchasing the FAMILY ORGANIZER for just $2.49 each and you can sell it for $10 each (50% off the $19.95 retail price). This means you keep $7.51 for every book you sell to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, shoppers, church members, club members, school friends, etc.

TO REQUEST 2 FREE REVIEW COPIES for your leaders or fundraising committee to review, please send your name, organization, address, phone, and email address to:

Dr. Brian Kluth, 34 Lookout Mountain Cir. Golden, CO 80401  Ordering: 866-935-5884

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