Quotes, Testimonials & Endorsements

  • "If you go to stores or search the internet, you will discover this truly is the ULTIMATE FAMILY ORGANIZER and it sells for far less than many organizers that have far less material."
  • "If you're looking for the perfect organizer, don't waste any more time looking any further.  Buy this one.  You'll be glad you did."

  • "Two thumbs UP!!"

  • There is nothing like this FAMILY ORGANIZER anywhere else.  This will save you hours of time because everything is so clearly laid out.  Other organizers include some of this information, but no other organizer includes all the helpful information this one does."

  • "For the first time in my life, I now have ONE PLACE (i.e. the FAMILY ORGANIZER) where I can gather and keep all my important information for myself, my spouse, and my loved ones."

  • "Until I got this FAMILY ORGANIZER, I had no idea on how many things I did not have in place that is vital to my family's future."
  • "I had a will and thought that was all I needed. Boy, was I mistaken. The FAMILY ORGANIZER lays out all the important things I need to put together for the benefit of my spouse and loved ones."
  • "The material in the FAMILY ORGANIZER will change my family's future."
  • "I have aging parents and the FAMILY ORGANIZER is exactly what I have been looking for to figure out how to best work with them during this season of their life."
  • "If family members that recently passed away would have used some of the forms in the FAMILY ORGANIZER, we could have avoided a lot of family hurt, pain, and confusion."



  • Dr. Kluth's seminar is the greatest and most helpful seminar our church has ever offered in all the years I've been attending this church."
  • SEMINAR: "Dr. Kluth's FAMILY ORGANIZER seminar was the best 90 seminar I have ever attended." (NOTE: You can watch the video clips from the seminar by clicking on the video/audio link.)

  • "Brian's FAMILY ORGANIZER seminar and handout was the most informative and inspirational seminar I have ever gone to in my life."

Dr. Brian Kluth, 34 Lookout Mountain Circle - Golden, CO 80401 Ordering: 866-935-5884

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