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Top 10 Church Stewardship Ideas, Tips, and Trends to Inspire Generosity and Increase Giving

Leading Philanthropy Expert and Bestselling Generosity Author Provides Valuable Advice to Churches, Pastors, and Leaders 

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - In today's changing financial world, many churches need helpful ideas and encouragement on how to encourage generosity and increase giving.  Dr. Brian Kluth, bestselling author of "The 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" recommends the following Top 10 stewardship ideas, tips and trends to help churches.  Dr. Kluth is a leading authority and media expert on the subject of charitable and church giving, generosity, and philanthropy.

Here are the TOP 10 stewardship tips, ideas and trends to help churches inspire generosity and increase giving:

  • #1 - Help people get out of debt and financial trouble.  Groups like www.crown.org, www.daveramsey.com, and www.goodsenseministry.com can help you offer classes and counselors in your church to help get a grip on their out of control finances
  • #2 - Teach people how to manage all of their finances.  The Bible has 2350 verses on this subject.  Organizations like www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.org  and www.GenerousGiving.org has materials to help churches teach people how to manage their finances and generosity from time-tested principles and wisdom found in the Bible. 
  • #3 - Make the offering baskets bigger.  I am not speaking about incresing the actual size of the plate, basket, bag, box or envelope - - but increasing the number of ways you allow people to give to your church. (See ideas #4-7)
  • #4 - Setup electronic and on-line giving.  More and more people are moving away from check and cash financial transations to managing nearly all of their finances electronically. Tens of thousands of churches around the country are signing up with companies like www.vancoservices.com and others to help people be able to give electronically through an automatic bank account deduction weekly, biweekly or monthly.  These companies can also provide for on-line website giving directly from a church's website.
  • #5 - Open up an account to accept gifts of stock.  By opening up a brokerage account (which can be done for no cost and no monthly fees), you can then let your people know that you can accept stock transfers.  This provides a large tax savings to the donor and increases the size of gift the church will receive.
  • #6 - Allow people to give gifts of vehicles or appreciated assets.  By signing up for an account with www.idonate.com a church will be able to accept donations of vehicles, jewelry, art, land, property, stocks, investments, business interests, and much more.  The good news is that the www.idonate.com organization handles the entire transactions and then gives the proceeds of the sale to the church.
  • #7 - Encourage estate planning gifts.  91% of a person's wealth is in their estate.  Yet 90% of Americans either don't have a will or have not remembered their church in their will.  Your denomination HQ, www.plannedgiving.com, www.TheFamilyOrganizer.org and other groups can help provide you with resources to encourage this type of gift.  Not only will the church receive a generous gift, but the person will likely save thousands of dollars that would have been diverted to tax payments. Oftentimes a church or charitable gift through a person's estate does not short-change family members but primarily cuts down the amount of taxes a person has to pay out at their death.
  • #8 - Put financial information about your church on your website.  People want to know details about a church's finances so they can give with confidence.  Here's a link to one church that provides helpful financial information on their website: www.1freechurch.org
  • #9 - Conduct a churchwide generosity focus.  The www.GenerousLife.info Bible devotional has become a nationwide (300,000 copies) and worldwide bestseller (42 foreign language) because churches have ordered the devotional and given copies to every member of their church.  The devotional takes people through 40 Biblical principles, 400 Scripture verses, and weekly worksheets to help them better manage their finances and generosity.  Some churches have reported increases of 10-50% in their giving to their general offerings or building fund campaigns when utilizing this booklet in their church.
  • #10 - Get 35 more ideas on this subject.  There has been a FREE National Report written on the "45 Best Church Practices to Increase Giving".  The webpage is: http://kluth.org/1NatlReport.htm.

If you begin to practice any of these Top 10 tips, ideas and trends, you will begin to leap forward in your ability to inspire people to live more generously and increase their giving to your church.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Brian Kluth is a pastor, bestselling generosity author of the "40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" (300,000 copies and translations in 40+ languages), conference speaker, and leading authority and media expert on philanthropy, charitable and church giving, and generosity.  He has done media interviews for Kiplinger Personal Money magazine, NBC Dateline, CBN TV, NBC News, and national TV and radio talk shows.  He can be reached at bk@kluth.org or 719-930-4000.



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