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Tithing?  10 Biblical and Practical Reasons to Teach People to Give 10% OR MORE of their Income to the Lordís Work

By Dr. Brian Kluth, pastor, national/international speaker, bestselling author & radio/TV commentator

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MAXIMUM Generosity
Brian Kluth
5201 Pinon Valley
Colo Springs, CO 80919
Cell: 719-930-4000   Email:               Web:


For many years I have been teaching and counseling with people across the U.S. and in over 30 countries on Christian financial, stewardship, debt, and generosity issues. Over this time period, I have discovered the following 10 truths concerning WHY all Christians (regardless of their income level, debt problems, or financial circumstances) need to be taught to give 10% OR MORE to the Lordís work:

1. It is a tried and proven pattern of giving done by godly people throughout the ages (regardless of cultures and income levels). Tithing references in Gen 14:17-20, 28:16-22 Lev 27:30 Pr 3:9,10 Mal 3:7-15 Mt 23:23 

2. It will help them reverence God more in their life.  Tithing reference in Deut 14:23

3. It will bring God's wisdom and order to their finances and will help harness the dragon of materialism in their life.   Matt. 6:19-21,24-34 Luke 12:16-21 I Tim 6:6-10,17-19 Ecc 5:10

4. It will serve as a practical reminder that God is the Owner of everything in their life.   I Chron 29:11-18 Ps 24:1,2 Ps 50:10-12 Hag 2:8

5. It will allow them to experience God's creative care and provisions in ways they would not otherwise experience. I Kings 17 Pr 3:9,10 Mal 3:7-15 Hag 1:4-11, 2:15-19 Lu 6:38 Deut 28 Phil 4:15-19 Mk 12:41-44

6. It will encourage their spiritual growth and trust in God.   Deut 14:23 Pr 3:5,6 Mal 3:8-10 Hag 1:4-11, 2:15-19 II Cor 8:5

7. It will ensure them treasure in heaven.   I Tim 6:18,19 Mt 6:19-21 Heb 6:10 III John 8 I Sam 30:22

8. It will strengthen the ministry, outreach, and stability of their local church.   Acts 2:42-47, 4:32 II Cor 9:12,13

9. It will help provide the means to keep their Pastor and missionaries in full-time Christian service.    I Cor 9:9-11,14 I Tm 5:17,18 III John 5-8 Phil 4:15-19 Gal 6:6 Lu 8:3 II Kg 4:8-10

10. It will help accomplish needed building projects and renovations.   II Ch 24:4-14 Ex 35,36 II Kings 12:2-16 I Ch 29:2-19 Ez 1:4-6

If you would like to these these generosity truths (and many more) communicated with your entire congregation, please visit the following page that highlights a 40-Day all-church generosity initiative that God can use to transform your congregations lives and giving.


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